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Every successful project begins with a successful plan.

RMGI leads the industry in providing planning services
​for diverse projects in a broad range of market sectors that span the globe.

​ Whether we’re preparing a comprehensive military master plan for the
​Department of Defense
or a complex modernization program for a pharmaceutical company,
our depth of expertise ensures every project is on the path to success. Our planning staff represents a full complement of professionals with experience in architecture, engineering, planning, and master planned communities.
Our plans integrate traditional, progressive, and aggressive
planning strategies to empower federal, state, regional,
and commercial decision makers with the required tools
to benefit from funding opportunities and achieve synergies of footprint reduction
​and leadership in environmental and energy design.
We work with our customers to move them beyond the limits of their past
by focusing on helping them progress into a sustainable future. How do government and business leaders keep pace with change while ensuring cost efficiency and overall effectiveness?
​RMGI’s management consulting services help you achieve more with less
in strategic alignment with your mission and objectives Government and commercial organizations face increasing pressure
to control spending while simultaneously improving services and aggressively
pursuing a variety of strategic initiatives.

​​In the public sector, agency leaders must manage their organizations for greater accountability, transparency, and spending effectiveness.
Business executives also must find ways to reduce costs while mitigating risk,
and innovating to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and regulations. Revelation Management Group International’s management consulting services can help clients address these seemingly contradictory objectives.
​ An industry leader with a rich heritage in management consulting, RMGI works with clients to support their strategic transformation agendas and build programs in alignment with organization’s goals and mission. 

We work with large organizations to get them off on the right path.
Our services in this area help clients to: · Develop practical strategies that directly support their organization’s vision and objectives · Align their organization with their strategic agenda · Develop strategic plans that are executable within the organization’s constraints · Innovate with new ways to do business We provide strategic advice based on rigorous market research tailored to the specific needs
of each client. We are experts in understanding industry structure and dynamics
and in boiling it down to the insights that are most relevant to our clients’ situations. RMGI's approach to strategy, which we call "strategy-based evolution",
enables organizations to achieve success. It is a tested approach that integrates strategic insight
with world-class skills in achieving lasting change in the way organizations function.
Our methodology for Strategic Enterprise Management helps large organizations
guide their initiatives to achieve their strategic objectives.